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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

This is the best destination you can find if you are looking for health insurance that is inexpensive. In case you are travelling and face an accident, insurance is essential to cover whatever medical costs you may incur. This page will provide you with all the details you require about travel insurance. You will know about the advantages of travel insurance and the restrictions you might face when you are buying a travel insurance policy. You will receive information on the different travel medical insurance policies you can opt for and common questions you might have on travel insurance. You can get information on trip cancellation policies also.

You might consider buying a travel insurance policy if you are a citizen of the US and have plans of travelling abroad. You should always consider buying a travel insurance policy, whether you are travelling for pleasure or for work. This is because international travelling always carries certain risks. You may face a personal emergency which might force you to return to your country sooner than expected. If you face a medical emergency, you might need an air evacuation. Usually, the health insurance you have will not cover these costs. If you do not have a separate cover for these emergencies, you might have to face crippling costs. Purchasing a travel insurance plan takes the worrying out of travelling so that you can get the maximum out of your trip.

You might have to face restrictions in your travel health insurance policy which are over and above those imposed by a domestic policy. This kind of policy is also available to people who are not US residents but are travelling in the country. It is also available to non residents who are travelling to another foreign country. You will find many countries which have a socialized health care system and under these systems, coverage is not provided for travel abroad. But you might have to pay more if you are buying a travel insurance policy to cover a trip to the US. This is because you have to pay more for healthcare costs in the US than in other countries. Go through this guide in order to understand your options and make an informed choice... Information on choosing a travel medical insurance plan.

Even though the first advantage of a travel insurance policy is the coverage you receive, they might also provide additional benefits also. The benefits you receive from this type of travel insurance plan may be emergency medical evacuation, emergency dental covers, return trips to the US, repatriation of remains, covers for lost luggage, trip interruptions etc. It may also include accidental death or disability covers. You will get more details on the covers provided from travel health insurance benefits.

Travel Medical Insurance Policies

As we discussed earlier, you may face restrictions in your travel insurance policy that were not there in your domestic ones. The most significant of these restrictions is the one on the length of the covers provided. Usually, your domestic policy will not have a date on which it expires. Travel insurance policies, on the other hand, are bought only for the length of time that you will be away on travel. It will cease to be functional the moment you come back to the country. There may be other limitations imposed on treatment provided for pre existing conditions, costs that are over and above those deemed Reasonable and Customary, expenses that are not adjudged medically necessary, routine exams, injuries caused due to dangerous activities or sports, drug treatments, immunizations, regular dental care and eye care. You may visit the exclusions in travel health insurance section for more details on these restrictions.

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Remember, a travel insurance plan will not pay for pending treatments of any pre existing conditions you may have. The US has a number of travelers each year to the country that come here specifically for the quality health care services they receive. As the health insurance plan they had in their country will not cover the treatments they receive in the US, they decide on a travel insurance policy to cover these costs. Unfortunately, health insurance companies will not consider paying for treatments for which the member has travelled to the US. It is important to note that travel insurance will only cover those costs that are incurred which are unexpected. They are supposed to cover only emergency medical costs. They are not designed to cover costs incurred to treat pre existing conditions.

You may buy a travel insurance policy for as small a period as 5 days. People who are travelling or staying out of their homes for longer periods may purchase insurance for longer periods, even up to a year. You may also get a plan that may be renewed within three years. Expatriates who are moving abroad may buy an international health insurance policy that can be renewed annually. These plans are more or less similar to domestic ones. If you want more information on longer foreign covers, go to the International Health Insurance section.

You might also consider buying a trip cancellation policy for international travels. These plans are designed to cover losses you incur when you have to end a pre paid trip before time due to an unexpected event. Most of the travel agencies, hotels, airlines and vacation packages require a certain amount to be paid beforehand. If you suddenly become before you go for these trips after you have paid the said amounts, you may lose a large portion of your deposits. If you have a trip cancellation policy, you may receive reimbursements for these costs that you incurred. You may get more information on this kind of coverage if you visit the Trip Cancellation Insurance section.

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