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Vision Coverage

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 Vision Coverage
Vision Coverage

Vision Coverage

What does vision coverage mean?

Vision coverage covers necessary care, treatments and therapies for the eyes. Vision insurance plans normally provide coverage for yearly eye check-up, spectacles, contact lenses and glaucoma test. Laser surgery also gets coverage from some particular vision insurance plans. However sometimes vision insurance plans are very restricted. Some vision insurance plans pay only for yearly eye exam or treatments of eye diseases, but they don't cover lenses or spectacles. Be aware of what your plan provides coverage for.

How does a vision insurance plan work?

You may need to pay the charges of your physician from your pocket and then submit claim for reimbursing you afterward. Some vision plans directly pay the physician.

Vision insurance plan is not an alternative to a medical insurance plan. In reality, most of the medical conditions like cyst or eye tumor, diagnosed by an eye physician fall under the medical insurance plan you have. Such conditions do not get coverage by your vision plan.

Do you need a vision plan?

Having a vision insurance plan would help you to obtain discounts on spectacles and/or lenses, if you need it.

Sometimes employers provide vision insurance to their employees. However, if you want to buy one by your own, get quotes from different insurance companies and, compare the costs and benefits as well, before you buy any.

You can visit to get free insurance quotes; compare the quotes from leading insurance companies to choose the right plan for you.

Vision Coverage

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