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Temporary Health Insurance Plan

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 Temporary Health Insurance Plan
Temporary Health Insurance Plan

Temporary Health Insurance Plan

A Temporary Health Insurance Plan as the name suggests ensures coverage to a person for a limited period of time only. This insurance is meant for temporary employees, who have just joined a new job and is not covered under the employer's insurance plan and also for students who are not covered by the parental health insurance plan.

Utilization of Temporary Health Insurance Plan

Temporary Health Insurance Plan is not designed to act as a substitute for Medical Insurance policy. It can be utilized as lawful health coverage at the time of emergency or serious illness. This plan is suitable for temporary workers who live in minimum wages and is also not insured by their employers. The plan helps to save you from incurring a heavy financial loss during an emergency health treatment, accident or a serious illness.

There are a number of providers offering temporary insurance plans and if you feel the need for one do not forget to go through the quotes minutely. For free quotes of major insurance companies on temporary plans you can visit www.medical-insurance-quotes.us.

Temporary insurance for Temporary Workers

The rise in labor cost and health care treatments have prompted some United States companies to recruit employees on temporary basis. This stands as an advantage to the companies as they can hire labors at a lower wage and can escape the burden of employer's insurance. This is possible since the US law have no such rule to mandate employer's health insurance for temporary workers or temps. Consequently, there are millions of labors who lie uncovered at the risk of heavy health care expenditure that is difficult to afford.

Some companies who hire temps may provide health insurance plans to the labors only after completing a pre-set duration working with the company. During that phase the employee lies uncovered and has a fair chance of turning penniless. A Temporary Health Insurance Plan is the best solution to combat such as situation.

Benefits of a Temporary Health Insurance Plan

A Temporary Health Insurance Plan is an absolute necessity when you are not covered by any health insurance policy. A temporary health care policy can help your bank accounts from turning up side down at the time of accidents, sudden illness or injury. Definitely a temporary insurance cannot serve the purpose of a long tern insurance policy but can play a vital role to save you hard earned money during your poor health.

  • A Temporary health insurance plan includes coverage for injuries, unexpected illness etc. which can shell out a lump sum amount from your pocket on medicines, diagnostics and physicians.
  • This insurance policy can be acquired easily and within a very short time, may be just 24 hours. This policy does not require prolonged investigation and documentations which primary health care plans demands.
  • Most temporary insurance policies are created keeping in mind the financial condition of the people these are intended to. This policy is affordable and does not charge high deductibles or premiums.
  • These are short term plans that can be get rid off after you have enrolled for your primary or long term insurance plan.

Limitations of a Temporary Health Insurance Plan

As mentioned earlier that a Temporary Health Insurance Plan is not intended to substitute a medical insurance plan. It is valid only for a limited period that can vary from 30 days to 360 days and has many restrictions regarding coverage inclusion. Following are some drawbacks of a Temporary Health Insurance Plan.

  • Temporary Health Insurance providers generally do not allow extension of the term of coverage or may demand a fresh application for enrollment. In some cases they permit extension of the plan based on your medical care requirements.
  • This plan does not include pre-existing health issues like illness, diseases or injuries.
  • The plan also exempts from including maternity coverage and antenatal care.
  • The temporary health care plan does not include expenditure on visit to physicians or costs on preventive care services.
  • The plan does not ensure coverage for serious illness or prolonged disease. The inclusion and exclusion of health care conditions regarding illness vary from one state to another and largely depends on the provider.

Temporary Health Insurance Plan

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