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Supplemental Health Insurance Policy

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 Supplemental Health Insurance Policy
Supplemental Health Insurance Policy

Supplemental Health Insurance Policy

A supplemental health insurance policy is not a replacement for the general health insurance policy but is useful in avoiding additional medical expenses. In most cases the supplemental health insurance policy will not pay you the compensation directly. All you have to do is to send the documents of your medical or health care expenditures after payment with a claim and the provider will send you the amount. For free quotes and information on supplemental health insurance you can visit

Different types of Supplemental Health Insurance Policies:

  • Supplemental Insurance for accidents
  • This plan provides coverage for those expenses that a health insurance plan may not include such as OTC medicines, cost of transportation etc.

  • Supplemental Insurance for Medicare
  • This policy is specially intended for retired citizens or people aged above 65 years. The insurance policy covers those health care requirements that are not included in the Medicare plan.

  • Supplemental Insurance on Disability
  • This policy ensures you income, every week or month for your disability status. The amount is normally decided upon a certain percentage of your previous earnings.

  • Supplemental Insurance on Hospital
  • General health insurance policies do not include certain hospital expenses. This policy is meant to cover those hospital charges.

  • Supplemental Insurance for Cancer
  • General insurance plans often exclude health care expenditures pertaining to cancer. This policy is meant to cover all cancer related medical expenses.

  • Supplemental Insurance for Long Term Care
  • This policy will provide you a certain amount of money everyday for home care service, nursing services etc.

  • Supplemental life Insurance Policy
  • This is meant for extending the coverage of your life insurance plan.

  • Supplemental Health Insurance Plan
  • This plan ensures coverage for those health care expenditures that most medical insurance providers do not cover.

  • Supplemental Insurance for Other Diseases
  • This policy allows you to customize the plan as per your health requirements for any type of disease that you are suffering from.

Supplemental Health Insurance Policy

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