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Mortgage Term Life Insurance Plans

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 Mortgage Term Life Insurance Plans
Mortgage Term Life Insurance Plans

Mortgage Term Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance coverage can be bought for any term between 10 and 30 years. This policy however stands for limited coverage although rates are similar to other regular term insurance rates. This is because if you have bought it at the start of your 30 year loan, in the course of 20 years, the coverage pays off only the remaining part of your mortgage amount when you die. The policy provides for mortgage payments when you die; so there are no extra benefits.


This policy has been especially beneficial for those families who have had to deal with unforeseen deaths. Permanent life insurance policy rates are higher than rates of this policy. When the term gets over, the policy is not renewed because there remains no need for it. Unlike in other term life policies, this policy does not demand medical tests because medical information is not imperative to make this policy operational. This has naturally made the policy very popular among those keen to secure their homes with an affordable protection instead of being forced to shell out huge regular term life premiums.

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Mortgage Term Life Insurance Plans

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