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Medigap Plan G

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 Medigap Plan G
Medigap Plan G

Medigap Plan G

While shopping for Medicare Supplement Plans you have to keep in mind that the benefits offered by the insurance companies under a particular plan type, are the same. The difference is the premium charged by various companies. For example, the coverage of Plan G will be the same no matter which company it is bought from but the premium charged may be different.

Coverage of Plan G of Medigap

  • Deductible under Part A
  • Hospitalization coinsurance amount of Part A
  • Coinsurance amount for hospice care under Part A
  • Copayment or coinsurance amount under Part B
  • Excess charges under Part B which are not approved by Medicare
  • Coinsurance amount for preventive medical care
  • Coinsurance amount for care in skilled nursing facility
  • Medical expenses while travelling abroad
  • Initial three pints of blood

Not included under Plan G

Plan G does not cover the deductible amount under Medicare Part B. People taking Plan G will have to bear the deductible amount associated with Part B on their own.

The basic benefits of Plan G are very similar to Plan F. The difference being that Plan G does not cover the deductible amount of Part B. The advantage of Plan G however is the coverage provided for the excess amount sometimes charged by healthcare professionals over what is approved by Medicare. If not covered, you have to pay the excess amount.

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Medigap Plan G

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