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Medigap Plan C

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 Medigap Plan C
Medigap Plan C

Medigap Plan C

The Part A and Part B of Original Medicare has some limitations on the medical benefits and also requires the payment of additional out-of-pocket expenses. So people buy Medigap plans, to increase their health insurance coverage and cover the extra costs.

Medigap plans come in ten different types with some similar and some varied benefits. People can choose from these and buy the plans from an approved private insurance company. Companies which want to sell Medicare Supplement Plans have to offer Plan A and if they want to sell any other plan they have to offer Plan C or F with the other plans.

Plan C is a very comprehensive plan offering a large number of benefits. Given below are some of the important ones

  • Hospital stay coinsurance of Medicare Part A up to 365 days after the expiration of Medicare benefits
  • Copays and coinsurance of Part B
  • Deductible expenses of both Part A and B
  • Coinsurance amount for preventive care under Part B
  • Out of pocket expense of hospice care under Part A
  • Coinsurance amount for skilled nursing facility stay
  • Coverage for medical emergency costs during international travel
  • First three pints of blood

Exclusions under Medigap Plan C

  • Plan C does not cover the extra charges under Part B which are not approved by Medicare
  • Does not cover any of the expenses of home recovery after hospitalization

Medigap Plan C offers a wide coverage so it is beneficial and convenient to avail this plan. Interested buyers have to check the availability of the plan in their area since all insurance companies may not offer this plan.

Check to compare insurance quotes from various.

Medigap Plan C

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