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Medicare Supplement Insurance

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 Medicare Supplement Insurance
Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance & Medigap Health Insurance

Another name for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans is Medigap which guarantees an all-inclusive coverage for all Medicare services. For those of you looking for the broadest healthcare coverage, Medigap insurance may be just what you need. The name “Medigap” explains the function of these plans in successfully covering all “gaps” left in the original Medicare plans. The Medicare Plans A and B cover roughly 80% of all health expenses. The remaining 20%, which are out-of-pocket costs and co-pays, deductibles etc are sought to be covered by Medigap policies. This means that although you end up paying higher premiums for such policies, the out-of-pocket expenses are significantly less when you compare these with other regular Medicare plans.

Regardless of the provider, benefits are expected to be the same across all plans. So a plan from one provider will guarantee the same benefits that the same plan offers through another provider. All plans are named after English alphabets, ranging from A-F and each has its distinct set of features. Therefore, comparing plans is imperative before deciding on an insurer. However, costs of Medigap plans tend to vary from one company to another. It thus makes sense to get your quotes on a single plan from a minimum of two insurers before making your choice. Amongst these plans, Plan F is highly recommended because it includes certain elementary benefits like Parts A and co-insurance, skilled nursing payments, foreign travel emergency coverage, deductibles etc. Other Medigap plans that are also quite popular include Plans A and C.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

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