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Medicare Insurance Plans

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 Medicare Insurance Plans
Medicare Insurance Plans

Medicare Insurance Plans

Medicare offers a range of plans, each named after an alphabet in the English language. The range is so wide that a person not conversant with them may find it difficult to choose a plan for his health coverage.

An advisor from Longevity Alliance who is licensed to offer his services to prospective Medicare clients can explain to you the fundamentals of Medicare policies so that you can decide on a policy that is best suited to your interests. Longevity Alliance considers the element of funds when you are looking for health plan coverage and helps you find plans that are both affordable and comprehensive. This is why this company provides more than two dozen Medicare plans for their clients.

  • Part A or Hospital Insurance
  • A government plan which takes care of hospital stays and expenses incurred through nursing facility or home health care. Medicare-eligible individuals do not have to pay premiums although they must pay a deductible during every hospital stay.

  • Part B
  • It covers medical costs in medical or surgical treatment of inpatients and outpatients, doctor’s services, speech therapy, physical therapy etc. When your income is more than $85,000, you have to pay monthly premium of $115.40 if you are a new beneficiary.

  • Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans cover Parts A and B and give additional benefits, often coverage provided by Part D. This is offered by private insurers and Medicare pays fixed fees for your healthcare plan. To enroll here, you must have been enrolled into Parts A and B through private carriers. Zero premium plans where you pay for co-pays and deductibles are also available.

  • Part D or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • It covers prescription drugs and is provided by private health insurers. Monthly premiums are approximately $32 on an average. When you compare plans, you learn about deductibles and co-pays, and drugs included in the plans. When your income exceeds $85,000, you must pay an extra amount besides the premium.

  • Medigap Insurance
  • Medigap insurance covers all costs including the co-pays, deductibles etc that Medicare does not. All plan benefits are the same regardless of your insurer and plans are named after letters, of which the Plan F ranks high in popularity. Private insurance companies provide these policies called Medicare Supplement Plans and premiums get fixed on the basis of the chosen plan. They take care of your out-of-pocket costs and before selecting one, you should compare them. Such plans may differ from one company to another and some newer plans may even cover co-pays.

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Medicare Insurance Plans

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