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Long Term Care Insurance

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 Long Term Care Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance for Your Secure Future

Insurance is necessary for all and there are numerous insurance plans in the market to pick from. Good thing is there's no scarcity of plans that are specifically designed for certain age group, considering in the recent past life expectancy and costs related with living has increased. Purchasing long term care insurance is good investment. It's not exactly a plan for sick but for those who after certain age are unable to perform the basic activities of daily life. Long term care plans are not part of health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, but you can get it as a rider to your existed plan or separately.

Can You Afford Long Term Plan Cost?

You might think otherwise, but the truth is long term insurance plans can be affordable. All you have to do is pick one carefully instead of not getting any. Long care plan's cost is determined by factors such as your present age, medical history and the sum of long term care you want. Also, do consider enrolling in a long term care plan as it will be beneficial for you and your family members in future, whether you believe it now or not.

Services Covered Under Long Term Care?

  • Nursing home facility is always covered in most long term care plan.
  • Some may also cover assisted living, adult daycare or hoe healthcare services.

Long Term Care Covered in Medicare?

Sadly, Medicare doesn't offer cover for long term care. Though, it does cover home health care, but for few days, after hospital stay.

Does Medicaid Cover Long Term Care?

Yes, but if you're qualified to get Medicaid. Also, you should know that coverage is provided via Medicaid program.

Long Term Care Insurance

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