Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There are many frequently asked questions that we generally obtain from many of our customers. Therefore, in an attempt to answer all these queries we have provided below a set of solutions to all of your queries that are found to be most common. But if you are not able to find the solution to your question, you are welcomed to enquire the same to us directly by dispatching us an email.

What is the entire functioning process of this service?

The is an organization that has got a vast association of professionals who are specialized in offering loans, insurance and concession cards services to all of our customers residing within the United States. Once you have delivered your details and into our system, will launch a quick search and will let you know about the service agents who are operational in your region. These service representatives will evaluate different free quotes on the basis of the details provided by you and will then provide you with the one that matches your profile. This course of action will help in saving much of your precious time and valuable dollars, as you will have the facility to evaluate the charges of the services from the different companies and organizations at the same time. Thus, it relieves you from the trouble of enquiring at each and every company for the services you require and also from forwarding your details, for a number of times to each of them separately.

What type of company actually is?

Well you may think is an insurance company, but in reality it is not like that exactly! In fact, we would like to introduce ourselves as a voluntary service organization that refers loans and insurance buyers like you, with the quotes of different companies, without charging you any money. We are devoid of any data on the present insurance plans, loan offers etc. In case, you want to ask us about the policies that existed earlier or at present, then we would like to suggest you to inquire your carrier straightforwardly.

I have already entered my details and profiles! So when can I expect to receive the quotes?

Once you have entered your details and profile into our system, our service representatives' starts searching and generating the ideal quote for you without any delay. So that is why, we seek to supply you regularly with the updated information of the rates and charges from different companies in the nick of time. But in fact some quotes are really convoluted, for which our representatives need some extra time to generate. We therefore request you to please keep your patience for this little period. However, we can assure to offer you with the free quote that matches your details, within a period of 48 hours or even less than that.

How will I be able to request for a quote?

If you wish to obtain a non-obligatory quote from us without paying a single penny out of your pocket, you are requested to login at the homepage of our website. All you need to do then is to type in your ZIP CODE in the space provided in the homepage and choose the kind of insurance or loan services, for which you would like to request a free quote from us. Then, finally you must click on the button Stary My Quote to proceed further with your request.

Is associated with any insurance organizations?

No! We do not have any express collaboration or association with any of the insurance providing companies. We only operate with lots of insurance, loans and discount card providing organizations, which are present in the whole of the United States. However, we have some express association with several big insurance agencies, who directly stand for their companies all through the country.

May I expect to receive the contact details of any particular insurance company through the aid of

No. Our company, will not be able to supply you with the contact details (like address, phone numbers, fax, email addresses or any others) of any particular insurance company or organization. This is against our working policies.

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