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Disability Insurance Policy

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 Disability Insurance Policy
Disability Insurance Policy

Disability Insurance Policy

A disability insurance plan is made to help your financial state when you are physically incapable of earning your living. A disability insurance policy is mainly of two different types and is generally untaxed. One will provide you adequate coverage when you are not capable of doing any job (any occupation disability plan) and the other is to support your income when you are unable to continue your present occupation (own occupation disability insurance).

There are some disability insurance policies that combine both the above mentioned insurance plans to offer you a part of your income if you can work as a part-timer in your previous job. You can consult miqu for free disability insurance quotes and evaluation of quotes from major insurance providers.

Disability Insurance Policy from Employers Insurance Plan

  • Disability coverage can be included in employer's insurance policy at a maximum of 60%
  • It can also charge you a fixed amount per month irrespective of your salary.
  • Disability coverage under employer's plan is liable to taxes.

Disability Coverage Under Social Security

Social security provides disability coverage on the following grounds.

  • Only few disabled persons can enjoy the coverage on a limited fund.
  • Provides coverage only after a year of supervision to ensure the person has no scope of physical improvement.

Eligibility Criteria of a Disability Insurance Policy

There are many conditions that can make disability insurance a requisite in your life. Also certain criteria can help you pick the right insurance policy.

  • Your occupation may determine your requirement of disability insurance. If you are a construction worker where you stay a fair chance of physical injury, you need a insurance
  • Decide upon the time you can wait to enjoy the benefits, the longer you can wait the less you have to pay for the policy.
  • Certain disability insurance policies provide life time coverage whereas some policies ensure coverage for a couple of years only.
  • You can benefit the most from a non-cancelable insurance policy that is renewable and is subjected to change.
  • For financial stability in future verify whether the coverage amount will amplify with the changing economy or not.

Disability Insurance Policy

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