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Latest Policy News, Articles & Researches

Latest Policy News, Articles & Researches

When you are making a decision on health care for yourself and your family, you will need to consider the latest news in the field. Our site will provide you with the Latest Policy News, Articles & Researches. You will get to know about the latest developments in the field of healthcare and what the experts are saying about those policy decisions. Also get in-depth analysis and researches on the latest policies that will affect your choices in health care.

  • Medicaid gets a booster in Stimulus Plan

    According to a report released by the Families USA on Friday December 12 2008, the state of Oklahoma will stand to gain $453 million incremental if an economically stimulant plan devised by the Congressional Democrats is approved by President-elect Barack Obama.

  • Infant Hospice Care Tapped by 7 Counties

    In a recent development in the area of medical care facilities hospice programs which are specifically designed to cater to senior citizens are now extending their support and services to the other end of the age spectrum, i.e. infants.

  • Guaranteed Coverage on Pre-Existing Conditions and Individual Coverage

    Health Plans today have put forward this proposal that a guaranteed coverage for pre-existing medical condition along with an individual coverage mandate would be extended to applicants.

  • The effect of the soaring values of Prescription Drug markups on human life

    The healthcare expenses are getting expensive day by day. Especially people are now experiencing financial incompetence, while compensating for the rising prices of prescription drugs. But what exactly makes this cost reach such a higher value? How to save yourself from such excessive expenses? This report answers to all of these queries in details.

  • Get to know all about COBRA

    Introduced as a standalone set of terms for regulating the various conditions of the different health insurance plans, COBRA has made its mark since the day of its introduction in the healthcare market. This article informs about COBRA, the various issues surrounding it and all its impacts on health insurance options.

  • The availability of health insurance for recent Graduates

    College graduates often face lots of problems to get a new health insurance policy for their own. But indeed there are ways of getting affordable healthcare plans for such candidates. Read on to discover them yourself!

  • The Impact of Divorce on Health Insurance

    Divorce issues bring lots of changes in the human life and also affect the health insurance of an individual. So what to do in order to nullify the effect of divorce on health insurance? How to cope up with the changing terms of new insurance? This special report illustrates these matters.

  • Some of the major health disorders that affect men

    There are some special health disorders and diseases whose rate of occurrence is mainly higher and common in the men. However, there are also ways of taking adequate preventive measures to ward off these disorders. This articles deals with these issues.

  • Out of Job People can now opt for Health Insurance

    Unemployed people and those who are out of job generally face a lot of difficulties in obtaining a health insurance. But fortunately there are few ways of obtaining an affordable healthcare policy. So let's get to find out such plans and the various issues that are related to such options.

  • The impact of Allergies on Human Life

    Many of us often counter with different types of allergies to different things, at certain instances of our life. Naturally all these allergies have a certain impact on our lives. This articles deals with all these issues and also informs different ways of preventing allergy.

  • Various arguments regarding Flu Shots

    Flu Shots happens to be the live saving drug for those who want to prevent themselves from Influenza. But there are lots of confusions and debates regarding these flu shots. This article summarizes those debates.

  • The different Superbugs causing infections

    This article deals with the menace created by superbugs and all the deadly viruses that are responsible for causing deadly infections and diseases in human beings. It also deals with the preventive measures that can be adopted for fighting these diseases.

  • A Brief Study regarding the different issues about Chronic Illness

    Chronic Illness is one of the most common forms of health problems found in the whole of America and other parts of the world. But chronic illness costs a huge sum of money every year from the entire nation. So following goes the articles about all these issues and also deals with controlling the illness.

  • Microsoft launches Its Health Vault

    After capturing the software market of the world, Microsoft now steps in the healthcare business. It is an online application which is open to all for use. So letís get to know all about it through this special report.

  • Treatment with Alternative Medicines

    We are all familiar with using alternative medicines for the treatment of different sickness and abnormalities. But are these medicines really worth of use? Does any health insurance policy cover it? This article answers to all these questions.

  • All about State Childrenís Health Insurance Program

    There are many plans and issues that deal with State Childrenís Health Insurance Program. This is a special report that brings out all such important information of it.

  • Health Savings Account: for a problem free future

    Get to know how one can create a risk free future by making simple investments and deposits in a Health Savings Account.

  • The Discovery of the Diabetes Gene

    At last scientists were able to discover the gene that causes diabetes. There are many impacts of this discovery as this is a landmark in medical science research. The following article summarizes these details.

  • The miracles of Employee Assistance Programs

    From the very first day the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) was put into action, it has resulted in lots of advantages for companies and also for the employees. This article illustrates all such finer points along with other issues of the EAP.

  • A detailed report on Consumer Driven Health Plans

    The Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) is a revolutionary service that is introduced for the citizens of the US to provide maximum healthcare benefits. Here one can get to know what it is actually, its different plans and propositions, people for whom it is meant etc,

  • The impact of Skin Cancer on Human Life

    Skin cancer is one of the most alarming diseases that are a threat to human civilization. Letís get to know how it prevails, who can develop such a disease and its impact on our lives.

  • Getting SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a syndrome

    Many of us often get sad. Scientists call this Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as a psychological syndrome that depends on various factors. Here are a few tips for knowing this disorder and treating it successfully.

  • Healthcare plans for ĎUnder 30í Bachelors

    Finally there come healthcare plans for bachelors who are under 30 years of age and who does not possess any children. This article guides people to buy such a healthcare plan.

  • Choosing the suitable Health Insurance after Marriage

    For those people who are going to get married and have health individual policies earlier beforehand will need to choose the best insurance policy after marriage. Letís find out how to decide about which will be the most suitable one?

  • Health Insurance plans for Women

    There are health insurance plans that are available especially for women. However, before choosing any plan a woman has to look out for some specific features that must be there in these plans. This article helps in finding out those.

  • Spring time allergies: Different ways of protecting yourself

    There are many people who get seriously affected with allergies that occur during the spring time. Some of them are like sneezing, irritation in the eyes and others. This article provided some of the effective ways by which people can prevent these allergies.

  • Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

    One of the most necessary steps that are to be made in life is choosing a perfect health insurance that caters to the personal health requirements of an individual. But before buying such a plan, one should think a lot and ascertain certain things in mind. This article helps in guiding them.

  • The Effects of Michael Moore's film 'Sicko' on U.S. Healthcare issues

    Michael Moore has pointed out different healthcare problems of the U.S. residents and various issues of the American healthcare industry through his documentary film 'Sicko'. This article summarizes all the effects of the film on the U.S healthcare issues.

  • Health Insurance plans for Babies

    Similar to that of the adults, a baby can also have a health insurance. In fact, every families desire that their babies also get insured from the very beginning. So let's get to know about the different features and benefits of baby health insurance.

Our site will provide you with the Latest Policy News, Articles & Researches. You will get to know about the latest developments in the field of healthcare and what the experts are saying about those policy decisions.

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