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Questions with Answers on Alabama Health Insurance Coverage

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Questions with Answers on Alabama Health Insurance Coverage

Questions with Answers on Alabama Health Insurance Coverage

My health insurance provider has rescinded my existing health insurance plan. What does it mean?

Rescission normally happens as the result of inaccurate and incomplete information submitted with the application or omission of any information, which is very much relevant to underwriting of a policy. Rescission denotes the policy will be null and void from starting. All the paid premiums must be returned back to the insured person.

What is a PPO plan?

A PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plan is a plan in which preferred providers of service (included of hospitals and physicians) have a contract with the insurance provider or a health policy to provide services for the policyholders. Usually, preferred service provider is ready to accept a health insurance company's normal as well as customary payments. If anybody has a PPO agreement, and does not use any preferred service provider, he may find himself paying much more for the services provided by the hospital or the physician.

I requested for health insurance almost two months ago, but still I have not received the policy. And, now they are telling that I am not eligible. I have my bills from the hospital and physician. I have paid all my premiums. Why are they not paying the bills?

Premiums for any health insurance policy are normally not binding unless the application is approved and policy is issued.

Are mammograms entitled get coverage under normal health insurance policy?

Every health insurance policy that offers coverage for the surgical services for mastectomy should offer specific mammography coverage.

My health insurance provider is decreasing my benefit payments as I didn't pre-certify hospital stay. Are they entitled to do this?

It is very much required for the customers to read the policy documents carefully; especially the section deals with pre-certification. If your agreement tells that you should pre-certify your hospital stay, then the insurance company would either decrease or refuse benefits, as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

How long it may take for an insurance policy to be issued?

If you do not receive your policy with 2 months or 60 days from the date you submitted your application, you can file Request for Assistance with us. we will definitely look after the matter. We will get in touch with the insurance company and will find out why they are delaying the policy.

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