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Not Able To Find Medical Insurance

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Not Able To Find Medical Insurance

Not Able To Find Medical Insurance

If you are not able to find medical insurance in Alaska, then please refer the following guides to get it.

Inexpensive Primary Medical Care

A local medical center may help you to find inexpensive primary healthcare, if you are still not able to find medical insurance. Such medical stations or centers offer healthcare services to the whole community for a minimum charge. Visit and find a community medical center nearby; or you can contact the office of Alaska Primary Care Association.

Assistance with Medical Bill

If you don't have medical insurance and not able to find medical insurance, but you frequently have to visit hospital for healthcare, you may get some assistance with paying your hospital bill. There are some non-profit hospitals that help people paying their bills due to their tax status and mission. In some of the states the hospitals are required to provide healthcare at free of cost or at lesser prices to the people who are qualified; according to the respective state regulations. Some hospitals have their own financial aid programs.

The country has some laws that may help you in this matter. It's significant that whether you are trying to pay your bill on receiving it. Visit a financial analyst or an advocate at the hospital. It would help you get a bill with lower amount or an easy payment option.

State Pharmacy Aid Programs

In Alaska, there are some state pharmacy aid programs that you can avail if you are not able to find medical insurance within your budget. Such programs may assist you by paying for medicine, healthcare or other expenses. On the Aging's website, you will find a questionnaire by National Council. You need to fill it to know more about different state-oriented services that you may be eligible for. Even though, the website basically emphasizes on healthcare services for the people over 65 years of age, but it has other programs too for the younger people.

Prescription Medication Discount Program

You may qualify for a discounted or free medication program by means of the manufacturer of the medicines. You can visit or to know more about the program.

Veterans' Help

Being a veteran, you may get prescription medication coverage and healthcare by means of a VA healthcare facility. You are qualified for this help if you have served minimum 6 months of active duty as well as have a general or honorable discharge. You can contact VA Health Benefits Service Center at 1.877.222.VETS.

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