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An Overview on Medical Insurance in Utah

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Medical Insurance in Utah

Medical Insurance in Utah

Introduction: In comparison to other American States, the health insurance condition in Utah is average. In accordance to a survey, accomplished by The Center for Disease Control, over 13% of the total Utah population was uninsured for Utah medical insurance per year, between 2001 and 2003.

In the below-mentioned article, we have talked about some important Utah medical insurance regulations as well as Utah medical insurance alternative options.

Regulations for Utah Medical Insurance

  • All Utah individuals having coverage under an employer or group Utah medical insurance plans, can not be refused or restricted obtaining coverage under those plans.
  • Utah individuals looking for individual Utah medical insurance can be, however, refused or restricted access to coverage on the basis of age, health and other criteria. However, there are some exceptions. A Utah individual can get coverage, if he or she is not qualified for getting coverage under any of state, individual or group Utah medical insurance policies.
  • All Utah medical insurance policies should have guaranteed provision for renewal. This guaranteed renewability provision lets a Utah individual renew his or her existing Utah medical insurance policy. However, to avail guaranteed renewability provision, the individual should have disbursed all the premiums in time and provided no fake information during the entire term of the policy.
  • Utah medical insurance companies can impose elimination riders and pre-existing condition waiting periods.
  • Elimination riders can permanently eliminate certain medical conditions, body systems or body parts from coverage, even permanently for the entire term of the policy.
  • According to Utah medical insurance laws, a pre-existing condition is an illness for which an individual was treated, diagnose or received medical advice within 6 months, before beginning of coverage under new Utah medical insurance policy.
  • Utah medical insurance companies can impose an exclusion period for maximum of one year. During this period, a policy holder is not entitled get any coverage for particular pre-existing medical condition.
  • Utah medical insurance companies should compulsorily offer standardized health insurance policies.
  • Pregnancy is considered to be a pre-existing condition by most of the Utah medical insurance companies and so, subject to an exclusion period.
  • Adopted children and newborns should be automatically covered under parent's individual Utah medical insurance policy, if offers dependant coverage for the initial 30 days from the day of adoption or birth.
  • In some cases, disabled and handicapped dependants can get coverage under parent's individual Utah medical insurance plan even if they go beyond upper age limit.
  • Utah individuals between jobs or health insurance plans are able to apply for temporary Utah medical insurance policies sold by some of the Utah medical insurance companies.
  • Utah medical insurance rates are depended on group health insurance policies; not on individual Utah medical insurance policies. The rates differ on the basis of age and health. However, there are some limitations on what the Utah medical insurance companies can charge.

Utah Medical Insurance Alternative Options

For Utah individuals facing problem obtaining Utah medical insurance or uninsurable Utah individuals, there are some state-regulated medical insurance alternative options that are discussed below.

  • Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool: This is the Utah's high risk pool, which lets uninsurable Utah individuals get coverage through group medical insurance policy. Pre-existing conditions may be applied.
  • Utah Children's Health Insurance Program or UTCHIP: This state program especially created to provide coverage to the children and teens, which belong to families that are either ineligible for Utah Medicaid or unable to afford the cost of Utah medical insurance.
  • Utah Medicaid: Utah individual who meets all the qualifying as well as income criteria is able to get coverage through Utah Medicaid.

Utah Department of Insurance

For more information on Utah medical insurance, you can contact at the following address:

Utah Insurance Department

3110, State Office Building
Salt Lake City
UT 84114-6901


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