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An Overview on Medical Insurance in Nebraska

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Medical Insurance in Nebraska

Medical Insurance in Nebraska

Introduction: The health insurance situation in Nebraska does not significantly differ from the health insurance situation in other states of America. In accordance to a survey conducted by The Center for Disease Control, an average of 10.5% Nebraska population was uninsured for Nebraska medical insurance for each year, between 2001 and 2003.

In the abstract, we have talked about some important aspects of Nebraska medical insurance, which may conclude Nebraska medical insurance regulations and a brief discussion on Nebraska medical insurance alternative programs. We expect that the abstract would help Nebraska residents to get an idea about current health insurance status of their state.

Rules and Regulations for Nebraska Medical Insurance

To monitor the activities of different Nebraska health insurance organizations and to manage the overall Nebraska health insurance situation, the state government of Nebraska has launched some important rules and regulations that are discussed below:

  • According to medical insurance rules, no Nebraska medical insurance company can refuse or limit an individual to get access to Nebraska medical insurance, if he or she is seeking coverage through a company.
  • However, Nebraska medical insurance companies can refuse an applicant getting access to individual Nebraska health insurance, on the basis of age and health-related criteria. They can have limited access, only; even if the health insurance plan gets approved.
  • Nebraska medical insurance companies that offer individual health insurance can inflict pre-existing waiting period and elimination riders.
  • A pre-existing medical condition may be defined as an illness for which an individual has been treated or otherwise diagnosed, before the commencement of new medical insurance policy.
  • Elimination riders can permanently refuse coverage for specific medical conditions or body systems or body parts for the entire tenure of a medical insurance plan.
  • Nebraska medical insurance companies can decide to not provide coverage for any medical condition that they determine to be existed, before starting of new Nebraska medical insurance policy. They can also consider a medical condition as pre-existing that was present but was not diagnosed before starting of a new insurance policy.
  • Unlike other states of America, in Nebraska, the people seek advice for pre-existing medical condition.
  • Nebraska medical insurance companies can refuse to pay for any medical condition under a medical insurance policy, even at the time, an individual files a claim for it. The insurers can determine any medical condition as pre-existing.
  • Pregnancy is considered as a pre-existing medical condition, according to Nebraska medical insurance laws.
  • All Nebraska medical insurance policies should have a guaranteed provision for renewal.
  • A guaranteed renewability provision provides an individual the right to renew his or her existing Nebraska medical insurance policy, irrespective of health modifications.
  • Renewability provision is guaranteed, only if the individual has paid all the premiums, on time and provided no fake information during the term of his or her existing Nebraska medical insurance policy.
  • Nebraska medical insurance costs may differ; based on health condition and age of an individual.
  • As per Nebraska health insurance laws, newborns and adopted children should get coverage under parent's individual Nebraska medical insurance plan, for at least first 31 days from the day of birth or adoption. The plan should be adjusted, accordingly after that period.
  • Disabled and handicapped children are always eligible to remain under parent's individual Nebraska medical insurance policy, even beyond the pre-decided upper age limit.
  • Nebraska residents, who are between jobs or medical insurance plans, qualify to enjoy the benefits of Nebraska medical insurance, through temporary Nebraska medical insurance policies offered by some of the Nebraska medical insurance organizations.

Nebraska Medical Insurance Alternative Options

Some medical insurance alternative programs operated and aided by Nebraska state government, are available in the state. Nebraska individuals, who are otherwise considered as “uninsurable” by most of the medical insurance companies or not able to pay for Nebraska medical insurance, can opt for any of the Nebraska state-aided medical insurance alternative programs. The programs are discussed below:

  • Nebraska Medicaid: Nebraska individuals, who meet all the health related as well as income criteria, can take advantage of this state-aided program.
  • Kids Connection: This is Nebraska's Children's Health Insurance Program. The program is specifically designed to offer medical insurance coverage to the children and teens. However, children from the families that are not eligible for Nebraska Medicaid or can't pay for Nebraska medical insurance are only entitled for this program.
  • Nebraska Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool or CHIP: This is actually high risk pool for Nebraska Health Insurance. Through this program “uninsurable” Nebraska individuals can purchase group medical insurance plans. Pre-existing condition provisions may be applied.

Nebraska Department of Insurance

For more information on Nebraska medical insurance, you can contact at the office of Nebraska Department of Insurance, at the following address:

Terminal Building
941 "O" Street, Suite 400
Lincoln, NE 68508-3639
(402) 471-2201
Toll Free Hotline (877) 564-7323 (Customers Only)
TDD (800) 833-7352
471-0888 (In Lincoln)


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