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An Overview on Medical Insurance in Montana

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Medical Insurance in Montana

Medical Insurance in Montana

Introduction: The health insurance situation in Montana is not pleasing, at all. The Center for Disease Control conducted a survey between 2001 and 2003, on the Montana health insurance. The report of that survey showed that almost 16% of the total Montana population was uninsured for Montana medical insurance.

Here, we have provided a useful article to let the Montana residents be informed about the health insurance facts of their state. The article contains comprehensive discussion on Montana medical insurance regulations and Montana medical insurance alternative options.

Some Important Regulations for Montana Health Insurance

To control the overall health insurance situation within the state and to regulate the activities of Montana medical insurance companies, Montana state government has introduced the following regulations:

  • Montana individuals sought employer Montana medical insurance can't be refused access to Montana health insurance. Moreover, they can enjoy unlimited coverage.
  • However, Montana individuals seeking individual Montana medical insurance can be refused access to Montana health insurance. They are entitled to get limited coverage, even if the application gets approval. Montana health insurance companies consider age and health condition as possible risk factors.
  • Montana medical insurance providers can inflict elimination riders or pre-existing condition exclusion provision.
  • Individual Montana medical insurance policy can deny coverage for any particular medical condition, even for the entire term of the specific insurance policy; by means of elimination riders. Elimination riders can deny coverage for an entire system or particular body parts, too.
  • As per Montana state laws, a pre-exiting health condition may be defined as an illness for which an individual has been treated or otherwise diagnosed within 3 years before commencement of new Montana medical insurance.
  • New Montana medical insurance policy can implement a waiting period for any pre-existing medical for not more than 1 year.
  • Previous Montana medical insurance policy can be credited towards new Montana medical insurance policy for pre-existing medical condition waiting period; provided there should not be any breakage in coverage for more than 30 days.
  • All Montana medical insurance plans should have a guaranteed provision for renewal.
  • This guaranteed renewability provision lets Montana individuals renew their existing Montana medical insurance policy. However, to take advantage of this provision the policy-holders should have disbursed all the premiums, on time and provided no false information during the term of that particular Montana medical insurance policy.
  • There is no specific rule for Montana medical insurance rates.
  • Montana medical insurance rates can be hiked on the basis of health condition and age of an individual. This rule is applicable on both the existing and new policy holders.
  • As per Montana state laws, pregnancy may be considered as pre-exiting medical condition, in some cases.
  • Every newborn should be covered, automatically, under their parent's individual Montana medical insurance plan for first 31 days from the day of birth. The insurance plans should be modified, accordingly, after that period; to provide space to the newborn.
  • Handicapped children are eligible to be covered under their parent's individual Montana health insurance plan, even beyond the pre-decided upper age limit.
  • Montana individuals, who are between jobs or health insurance policies, can opt for temporary Montana health insurance policies.

Benefits of Montana Medical Insurance

  • As per state laws, all Montana medical insurance providers should offer uniform health insurance plans that provide same benefits to all customers. Although, these plans are less expensive, but they provide limited coverage.
  • Uniform Montana health insurance plans do not offer benefits that the individual Montana health insurance plans do.

Montana Medical Insurance Alternative Options

There are some state-aided medical insurance alternative programs are active in the state of Montana. Montana residents, who are not able to pay for individual Montana medical insurance or otherwise considered as “uninsurable”, qualify for such Montana state-aided medical insurance alternative programs.

  • Montana Medicaid: Montana individuals, who meet income as well as other health-related qualifying criteria, are eligible for Montana Medicaid.
  • Montana Children's Health Program or MTCHIP: This state aided program is especially created to help the Montana kids and teens to get the benefits of Montana medical insurance. However, children from families that are not able to afford individual Montana medical insurance or otherwise not eligible for Montana Medicaid, are able to take advantage of this alternative program.
  • Montana Comprehensive Health Association or MCHA: This is a high risk pool for Montana medical insurance. Montana individuals who are otherwise considered as “uninsurable” can enjoy the benefits of Montana medical insurance through group medical insurance plan. Pre-existing medical conditions may be applied. So many health care choices are available to pick from through this program.

Montana Department of Insurance

For more information on Montana medical insurance, you can contact at the following address of Montana Department of Insurance / Montana State Auditor's Office:

840 Helena Ave.
Helena, MT 59601
Helena 444-2040
In Montana: (800) 332-6148
Main Fax: (406) 444-3497
TDD: (406) 444-3246


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