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Medical Insurance in Arkansas: An Overview

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Medical Insurance in Arkansas

Medical Insurance in Arkansas

Introduction: As of 2006, Arkansas ranked 12th among all the states in America; for uninsured individuals below age 65. To let the Arkansas residents like you, get more informed about the health insurance status of your state; we have provided a useful abstract, below. In this abstract, you will get important information about the Arkansas health insurance plans and policies as well as names of alternative health insurance options and health organizations.

Depending on some features, the percentage of uninsured people in different states of America differs, accordingly. These features may include:

  • Demographics
  • State Insurance Policies and Laws
  • Labor Market Variations
  • Public Programs like Medicare and Medicaid

Most of the uninsured Americans were from working family units. As of 2006, according to the survey conducted by Families USA, 47 million Americans were uninsured; while the number was 900,000 in the state of Arkansas. Percentage-wise, 37.2% of the Arkansas residents, below the age of 65 were uninsured in 2006.

Some Regulations for Arkansas Health Insurance Companies

The state government of Arkansas has launched some rules and regulations to control the medical insurance plans and policies and those are:

  • Plans offered by different health insurance companies, should have a provision for guaranteed renewal so that they can't reject any request for renewal in coverage
  • Conditional on certain health conditions, health insurance companies have liberty to deny a renewal request. They can also hike premium rates, accordingly during every renewal in insurance coverage.
  • Health insurance companies can cancel an insurance application temporarily or permanently; provided the respective customer has a pre-existing medical condition for which he has already carried on medical treatment before commencement of the said insurance coverage. However, this liberty is restricted for some of the insurance providers.

Some of the Arkansas health insurance companies provide temporary insurance coverage to the people who are in between plans.

Arkansas Health Insurance Alternatives

There are alternative insurance options; available in Arkansas to let the people who are not eligible for personal health insurance plans or Arkansas health insurance plans enjoy health insurance coverage. Below, the list of options along with qualifying criteria and offered benefits are provided.

Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (CHIP): This plan is designed for the HIPAA qualified individuals as well as people who get considered as either uninsurable or high-risk; under most of the medical insurance plans. For more and in-depth information, you can log on to

Arkansas Medicaid: This plan is designed for the customers who meet qualifying income norms. This plan also offers special Medicaid Spend-Down program. However, you need to afford a large amount to enjoy the benefits of this program. With Medicaid Spend-Down program, you can enjoy a thorough and lot of care; while you're ill or wounded. Nevertheless, this is a temporary arrangement for which you have to get re-enlisted after every three month. You can contact at the office of Department of Human Services (DHS) in you county; for more and in-depth information.

ARKids First: This is an Arkansas State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The plan is created to offer health insurance coverage to the children below 19 years. However, they must come from family units that are strictly not qualified for Medicaid and incapable to meet the expense of Arkansas health insurance plans. The children under this plan can visit the participating doctor's chamber and get vision and dental care as well as emergency care.

More Health Care Choices in Arkansas

  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBDC): Individuals getting benefits under this program are entitled for Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC).
  • Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC): This plan is for those individuals who are taking advantages under TAA program
  • Arkansas BreastCare Program: This program offers screening and some treatments to the breast cancer victims.

Health Insurance Organizations in Arkansas

  • AETNA Health Insurance
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Celtic Insurance
  • Golden Rule Health Insurance
  • Humana Health Insurance
  • Mercy Health Plans

For more detailed and in-depth information on Arkansas Health Insurance, you can contact at the following address:

Arkansas Insurance Department

1200 West Third Street
Little Rock, AR 72201


For telephonic assistance, you can call at any of the following numbers: (501) 371-2600, (800) 282-9134 (toll free)


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