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Medical Insurance in Alabama

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Medical Insurance in Alabama

Medical Insurance in Alabama

Introduction: 83.4% of the total number of Alabama residents is covered by medical insurance plans. There is no specific standard for the medical insurance plans in Alabama in relation to cost as well as coverage. The most popular and useful Alabama medical insurance plans along with qualifying criteria and offered benefits are discussed below.

As per the National Health Survey report (2004-06) conducted by CDC or Center for Disease Control, the percentage of people in the state of Alabama who were not covered by any medical insurance coverage was almost equal to the nationwide average of 16.6%. In spite of presence of HIPAA through which the federal government maintains the standard of health insurance in every state of United States, state governments have the liberty to take medical decisions for their respective state, by their own. However, under no situation, none of the federal as well as the state governments protects accessibility to group or personal medical insurance for the state of Alabama.

In Alabama, there is no particular standard for medical insurance in respect of either cost or policy coverage. Nevertheless, the Alabama Insurance Commissioner holds the rights to make certain that the Alabama medical insurance plans are reasonably priced. The Alabama State Government wants all Alabama medical insurance plans to bear the cost for breast-cancer monitoring and pay the bill for hospital stays before and after delivery.

Unlike Alabama group medical insurance plans, Alabama personal medical insurance plans do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. Some of the Alabama health insurance plans consider pregnancy as a pre-existing health condition. However, it needs an exclusion time of 2 years by the insurance company to provide coverage for any sort of pre-existing health condition.

Alabama Medical Insurance Plans

Some health insurance plans available in the state of Alabama, are discussed below. Alabama dwellers can take advantage of those plans, provided some financial as well as medical criteria should be met.

  • Alabama Medicaid plan is accessible for the residents of Alabama who achieve the earnings requirements.
  • Alabama Health Insurance Plan or AHIP is perfect for the residents of Alabama who are considered as “uninsurable”. They can make the most of the HIPAA features through AHIP. People who are qualified for HIPAA can take advantage of this high-risk medical insurance plan, AHIP; if and only if their latest continual coverage belonged to any group insurance plan, church plan or government-aided plan. However, some other qualifying criteria should also be met and those are:
    • The respective person picked available extensive coverage under the COBRA as well as made use of the provided benefits;
    • The person's earlier insurance plan was not suspended, because of any sort of deceptive payment or payment failure;
    • The person's application should be submitted in the merchant's workplace within a maximum of 63 days from the end day; his or her COBRA or group insurance plan was in fact.
  • All Kids, state health insurance program for the children of Alabama (SCHIP), offers medical insurance coverage for the qualified children below 19 years. The qualified families should meet all the All Kids qualifying criteria so as to cover their children by the SCHIP. Because of the high earnings level, most of these families generally don't meet the requirements for Alabama Medicaid coverage. The number of children covered with children's medical insurance plans is getting higher, every year. The benefits offered by children's medical insurance plans are included of coverage for immunizations, health monitoring as well as dental and vision care services.

There are other choices, too for getting Alabama Health Insurance Plans and those are:

  • COBRA Health Insurance plan
  • Health Coverage Tax Credit that provides tax credits to the people who qualify for TAA or Trade Adjustment Assistance Program
  • Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program
  • Benefit Guarantee Corporation or PBGC for the people from the age of 55 to 65

As per Alabama Insurance Department:

List of the important Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) within Alabama includes:

  • United Healthcare of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Healthspring of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Viva Health, Birmingham

List of the important Non-Profit Health Care Service Plan Corporations within Alabama includes:

  • First Community Health Plan - Senior Select, Huntsville
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Dental Health of Alabama, Birmingham is among other active medical insurance companies in Alabama.

For more information on Alabama Health Insurance Plans, you can contact at

Alabama Department of Insurance

PO Box 303351
Montgomery, AL 36130-3351
Phone: 334-269-3550

Alabama Health Insurance Resources

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