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Blood Tests Diagnose Heart Attacks Quickly

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Blood Tests Diagnose Heart Attacks Quickly

Blood Tests Diagnose Heart Attacks Quickly

New blood tests diagnose heart attacks quickly and more reliably. Two researches revealed that these tests can dependably identify whether an individuals is having cardiac attack shortly after his or her chest pain starts, when other conventional blood tests are not so dependable.

These sensitive and new blood tests diagnose heart attacks quickly as well as determine who needs the fastest medical help. Every year, about 16 million people in the Europe and United States have emergency room visits with signs of a cardiac attack, but most of them are not really worth of going there.

Patients, who have a cardiac attack, require having their blocked arteries unblock quickly to limit harm to the cardiac muscle due to shortage of blood.

Presently the physicians have two ways to detect a cardiac attack; one is electrocardiogram and EKG. These methods though help measuring electrical activities of the heart for any abnormality, but they are not always decisive.

The physicians also use different blood tests to diagnose the elevated levels of a cardiac muscle protein named as troponin, which is a symptom of cardiac muscle damage. But, the problem with that old troponin tests is that it takes a long while to detect the elevated level of troponin and in the mean time, the damage may already have occurred.

According to two European study reports published in New England Journal of Medicine, new blood test are more efficient to early detection of heart attack sooner after somebody feels pain in his chest. The reports indicated four blood tests made by the Siemens AG, Abbott Laboratories and Roche. Siemens AG and Abbott blood tests got approval to use in the U.S.

In one research, physicians directed by University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland collected blood samples from about 720 patients visited hospital emergency rooms with cardiac attack symptoms like shortness of breath and chest discomfort. And the physicians compared accuracy of these four new tests with the older one.

In another research, scientist form Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany conducted a study on 1,818 patients having chest pain. Troponin level of those patients was recognized by a conventional test along with a Siemens test.

In both the cases, the reliability of new tests was 94% to 96% while compared with 80% to 90% for older blood tests.

Dr. Allan Jaffe, a cardiologist from Mayo Clinic advocates using newer blood tests. Some doctors said newer tests don't charge more than older tests that are getting replaced and normally get health insurance coverage.

Dr. Allan Jaffe said that with such test heart attacks can be diagnosed faster and more people with heart attacks or risk of heart attacks can be detected. Dr. Allan Jaffe had though no part in these studies.

The researchers said more studies are required to determine whether early detection of cardiac damage results in many lives protected.

Study conducted by the Swiss doctors was sponsored by Swiss Heart Foundation, the Swiss National Science Foundation and three makers of the blood tests. One author reported getting fees from these three companies. German study was financially supported by Brahms Aktiengesellschaft, a diagnostic company. And, two of the authors reported getting fees from the test makers.

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