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Be Happy Stay Healthy

Be Happy Stay Healthy

Be happy stay healthy. Scientists have a new solution for the women who want to deflect cardiac diseases: Have a dose of happiness - optimism.

Particularly, a study conducted on over 98,000 post-menopausal women revealed that the optimistic women are at lower stake of developing cardiac diseases than the pessimistic women. For the women with positive attitudes are supposed to believe in “Be Happy Stay Healthy” theory.

The risk of developing cardiac disease for such women with positive nature is about 10% lower while the risk of dying from any reason was about 15% lower for the optimists as reviewed by "Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association."

Hilary A. Tindle, the lead author as well as medical professor from University of Pittsburgh wrote that most of the evidence recommends continued and higher degree of negativity is perilous to the health.

Janice from Wesley Chapel is a living evidence of healing power of the positive attitude. She was found to have her main artery blocked by 99% during a routine checkup; eight years back. Then, she had to go for an emergency bypass surgery, before she could understand and decide anything else. Everything happened so fast.

She accepted this sudden occurrence as a challenge that could improve her health. She started walking 2 miles a day, if the doctors suggested going for a one-mile walk. She also changed her exercise and eating patterns. And, now she feels healthier than ever before. Janice didn't let the disease get into her.

University of Pittsburgh considered the women between ages 50 and 79, who took part in the nationwide Women's Health Initiative and also were with no cancer or cardiovascular disease, at the beginning of the study.

The study tracked the participants' health patterns for over eight years. It evaluated sarcastic hostility and the level of optimism by the way the females replied to the questions like “In ambiguous times, I mostly expect the best”, and “If something is wrong for me, it will”.

The result of the study showed that the optimists were less prone to develop conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, smoking, depressive symptoms or being inactive.

While factors like food habit and heredity play important role in developing heart disease in women, attitude also plays a very significant role.

Tindle wrote in the study that this is a very sensible stepping stone to the future research in this field; both on possible mechanisms on how the attitude may have an effect on health and for the randomized restricted trials to test whether attitudes can be altered for the sake of health's improvement.

Janice realized that her positive mentality is a part of why she is well now. She believes in be happy stay healthy theory. She recalled a pessimistic friend, who felt her cardiac disease, was a symptom they she was getting into grave rapidly.

Her friend is no more in this world, but Janice donated her bone marrow to her sister. She believed if she was not recovered and seen the brighter side of the world, she would not be able to help her sister.

Anyone can have benefits of optimism; even if his or her body is not 100%.

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