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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance has become extremely expensive and not only do the figures but also the people claim so. The statistics are truly alarming considering that a survey conducted in 2001 claimed about 15% of the all families living in the United States had no insurance. Even though seven years have passed the situation has still not improved much. Just like before, self- employed people do not get the benefits of employer provided insurance and opting for individual health coverage means paying up lump sums as premium. Under these circumstances the only thing that can be of any help is affordable health insurance. Cheap health insurance quotes are everywhere these days and the Internet is one place where you’ll run into hundreds of websites offering these quotes.

Health insurance quotes usually span around the different areas in which health insurance is offered. First comes individual health insurance. As the name suggests this kind of insurance is available to only to individuals. But the finer print suggests individual health insurance cannot be availed by people who have access to group insurance provided by their employers. Individual policyholders are usually self- employed, work with a small organization that can’t bear its employees’ coverage needs and people who retire from regular jobs earlier than their time. Getting health insurance quotes for individual coverage can turn out to be quite difficult since most companies insist on several requirements to be met. Also, overall an individual health policy can cost you much more than a group insurance policy can. Limitations on pre- existing conditions and denial of coverage are problems closely associated with individual insurance.

People who receive coverage through group insurance are much better off than people who buy individual coverage. For one, health insurance quotes for group coverage do not come along with a condition that states people with poor medical health cannot apply for group insurance. On the contrary, people looking for individual insurance can be denied coverage or be forced to pay increased rates if they're not in the best of health. Group coverage health insurance quotes differ with respect to the plan you choose- quotes for group insurance for full- time employees and those for part- time employees will obviously be not the same. Similarly, benefits under the two segments of group insurance differ largely. In fact, it is often the case that part- time employees under a group health plan receive no health benefits at all.

Individuals over the age of 65 can apply for Government-funded healthcare plans that are commonly known as Medicare plans. These plans are typically for people who are retired or/and are disabled. Your applicability to Medicare plans naturally suggest you can also choose from Medicare supplement plans. Such supplemental insurance is available for people who want to cover the gaps uncovered by Medicare. In most states, in order to apply for Medicare supplement insurance one has to be enrolled under both Medicare Part A and Part B.

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