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State High Risk Pool

State High Risk Health Insurance Pools

A state health insurance risk pool refers to a state sponsored health insurance programme that provides covers to people who would be unable to find it otherwise because of pre existing health conditions. For most of these people, the state risk pool is perhaps the only option in getting a health insurance plan.

The coverage provided by risk pools vary from state to state. Not all states can provide health risk pools. These pools are established through various legislations and are usually of a non- profit nature.

Enrollment in a state insurance pool is different from the comprehensive covers provided by commercial insurance. The enrollment is subject to premiums and set benefits as well as a waiting period. Additionally, factors like periods, premiums and benefits vary from state to state.

These pools often require funding from external sources because the premiums generated are often insufficient to meet the cost of medical expenses. The source of funding is often mentioned in the legislation that provides the setting up of the pool itself. The funds usually come from assessments or taxes levied on insurance companies.

The level of coverage provided and premium payments vary from state to state. Usually, the level of coverage provided is limited in nature. For example, the maximum limits are significantly lower than those provided for by private health insurance companies. The monthly premiums payable are also usually higher. However people who have no other options and high medical bills are left with no other choice. For them, obtaining insurance through risk pools can be a blessing.

If you want to know more about the risk pool health insurance programme in your state, choose your state from the list below and go through the related details. Currently, 18 states in the US do not provide these pools. These are Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Delaware and Arizona. The states where the pools are offered and their details are as follows:

Most states (29 in all) offer insurance on health to the people at affordable prizes. The plans of these insurance is more or less similar to the one offered by companies to their employers. Only the premiums are higher than the other. These insurance providers are known to be State High Risk Pools.

The State Risk pools have operating policies and legislation that allow them to be operational. You can get the details from different articles as we provided in this section.

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