General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

On May 25, 2018, the EU GDPR came into effect and impacted the way businesses collect and hold data on EU subjects. The GDPR is a new privacy law that harmonizes and modernizes all EU countries' data protection requirements and is designed to improve the way organizations handle personal data. It is a law aimed at protecting the rights of the EU citizen.

Although there are many new or enhanced requirements, core principles are unchanged. New rules have expanded the definition of personal data and expanded the reach to affect any company, even those outside the EU, that collects personal information of individuals in the EU. Our position, obligations and responsibilities are articulated in the data privacy notices and policy, all held on this site.

QuickHealthInsurance's committment to data privacy

We uphold the highest standards, including GDPR requirements, to protect all information collected or submitted on the website. welcomes this opportunity and is committed to protecting personal data that is used within the media databases/products that you use, and to ensure that we and our customers comply with our obligations regarding data.

What to do now as the customer or influencer?

If you are a customer and haven't already received them already, you will shortly be sent our updated data processing provisions to ensure that we and our customers are complying with our respective obligations under GDPR. Please review and return them at your earliest opportunity.