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Shand Morahan & Co., Inc. and AVRECO Start New Risk Management Program for Midwest Hospitals

Shand Morahan & Co., Inc. and AVRECO are delighted to proclaim its partnership in an exciting new risk management program intended at Midwest hospitals. The Heartland Healthcare Hospital Program (3HP) offers Midwest community hospitals with less than 150 beds comprehensive professional liability insurance that comprises a unique, risk management component.

This cutting-edge, value-added component called Emmi(R) created by Emmi Solutions LLC provides access to web-based interactive programs that assist hospitals lessen claims and encourage patient safety.

Shand provides the new Heartland Healthcare Hospital program reasonably priced claims-made insurance coverage with limits of $1 million /$3 million per location, and a $5,000 minimum deductible. Companion coverage is also obtainable, including staff physicians, errors, omissions, and long-term care. In addition, Shand Morahan will contribute 2% to each participating hospital to offset the cost of the Emmi(R) programs.

Commenting on 3HP, Sarah Dore, senior vice president healthcare at AVRECO said, "Risk management is about communication and behavior and Emmi(R) enhances that. There are many risk management tools out there, but they do not get to the important aspect, making patients a part of the team, a part of the procedure. Emmi(R) will assist these community hospitals prepare their patients and make them a better-informed consumer."

Fran O'Connell, vice president medical at Shand Morahan & Co. Inc. said, "It was a great collaboration that focuses on insurance with a strong carrier, plus patient safety through an innovative approach."



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