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Resource Centers To Assist Elderly, Disabled Maintain Independence

Eight resource centers will open across the state Nov. 1 to help families in searching services to assist the aging and disabled maintain their independence as long as probable.

Staff members at every Aging & Disability Resource Center will provide information about obtainable resources and how to access or apply for those resources, said Sandra K. Vanin, commissioner of the state Bureau of Senior Services. They moreover will help in navigating the often confusing and frustrating long-term care system.

The information and resource gathering centers will provide "one-stop shopping for long-term care,'' together with housing options, prescription drug plans, Medicare, even how to register to vote, Vanin said.

The Legislature has appropriate $1 million for the centers, each of which will be staffed by four to five workers, she said.

Two centers will be located in each of four regions that cover about 13 counties each, she said. The services will be obtainable to anyone no less than 60 years of age, 18 years or older who has a disability.



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