Agent Agreement with QuickHealthInsurance.Com, Inc.

  QuickHealthInsurance.Com, Inc. (QHI) agrees that it will:
  • Provide referrals, consumers requesting quotes for insurance, via email.
  • Not deliver, sell or transfer any referral to more than three insurance professionals with carrier exclusive accounts or one agent with an exclusive account.
  • Reserve the right to terminate service at any time for any reason.
  • Credit back any deposit or pre-payment of referrals when account is fully paid and proper 30-day notice has been given.
Agent agrees that he/she will:
  • Provide his/her credit card information as a guarantee of Pre-Payment. This is sufficient proof of agent's intension to purchase referrals and abide by this agreement.
  • Pay for the any and all referrals sent by QHI each month.
  • Contact each QHI-generated referral within 24 hours of receiving the referral.
  • Maintain a minimum of $500,000 of Errors and Omissions insurance (Optional, but highly recommended).
  • Verify all information for accuracy prior to writing insurance policy.
  • Never sell, transfer, assign or give any referral from QHI to any other person or organization.
  • Use information provided by QHI for the purpose of quoting and selling insurance only following all applicable laws of the land.
  • Maintain a license (licenses) to sell insurance in the geographic area selected.
  • Quote only those insurance companies for which Agent is licensed to sell insurance.
Agent agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Pre-Payment Terms Ė Agent pays in advance for referrals by selecting a pre-payment/deposit amount to be charged on their credit card. When the agent has received 75% or more of the pre-payment amount in referral purchases, the credit card will be automatically charged for the amount of referral purchases bringing the level of the pre-payment/deposit, to its original value. Additionally, on the first day of each month, the credit card will be charged for any unpaid referrals to bring the pre-payment/deposit amount to its original value. If the card is not successfully charged and the amount of referrals to be charged equals or exceeds the original pre-payment/deposit, the account may be temporarily suspended and reserved geographic areas forfeited and no further referrals will be sent until the agent re-activates with another pre-payment amount. Under such circumstances, a loss of priority on our network may occur. Until written notice of cancellation is given by the agent, QHI may make occasional attempts to charge the card for the pre-payment/deposit amount. When a new pre-payment/deposit has been successfully charged, the account will be reactivated. Even if an agent is dropped or cancels the service, any balance owing to QHI is due and payable within 15 days from termination. Any changes to a customerís account requested to be made through an QHI Customer Service Representative must be requested in writing by email, and must be countersigned by an QHI employee. Agent shall reimburse QHI for all amounts expended collecting past-due accounts including attorney's fees, court costs, and other reasonable expenses incurred if it becomes necessary to exert these means to effect collection. Jurisdiction will be appropriate in Texas. A collection fee of up to 50% of the unpaid balance may be added by QHIís collection agency.

Billing Disputes - On the last day of the month, or as soon as possible thereafter, QHI will e-mail a detailed listing of those referrals included in the billing. If the detailed listing is not received by the 2nd day of the month, agent must notify QHI so that a new listing may be e-mailed. Agent must notify QHI before the fifth (5th) day of the month following receipt of the month-end billing if the Agent disputes receiving any referral included in the listing.

Cancellation - Agent must provide QHI with a 30-day written notice to cancel service. Such notice must be countersigned by an QHI employee. QHI will keep the account active for the next 30 days, and continue to send referrals per the original terms. Agent agrees to pay for any and all referrals sent during this 30-day period. QHI reserves the right to remove the agent from its service for any reason without prior notice. Upon termination of service, any credit balance remaining from the pre-payment/deposit will be applied and credited to the agentís credit card on file.

Security pre-payment/deposit - QHI reserves the right to require a security pre-payment/deposit that will remain in the agent account and which will not be applied toward the purchase of referrals. Security pre-payment/deposit will be returned upon cancellation of agent account only after all outstanding balances have been paid.

Severability - Should any provision of this application and contract be determined invalid or contrary to law or regulations, such provision becomes severed from the rest of the application and contract. The remaining terms and conditions shall remain in force.