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Prescription Cards Offer Healthy Savings - Montgomery County Launches Program

Montgomery County became the first county in the Houston region to begin on a prescription discount, card program, which provides as much as 20 percent savings on medication.

The program called Montgomery County Rx Discount Card is obtainable to all county residents, with or without insurance.

Residents can pick up a card where obtainable and start using it at the 70 participating pharmacies in the county. No registration form or fee is necessary; officials announced the start of the program.

Harris County plans to launch a similar program in a few weeks, called HCHD Rx, and said the county's hospital district spokesperson, Bryan McLeod.

The Montgomery Hospital District signed up for the national plan as a way to have power over prescription drug costs for its indigent health care program, but it also will assist thousands of uninsured and underinsured residents who don't meet the criteria for county assistance, said Allen Johnson, the district's chief executive officer.

Those with health insurance can make use of the card to offset the cost of medication not covered under their plan. Prescriptions for pets will also be allowed.

Johnson said, "It's really an innovative and visionary way to bring savings to residents."

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