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LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon

In 1994, LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon became a subsidiary of Premera Blue Cross, presently serving about 160,000 members across all counties of Oregon. In fact, it was established earlier in 1986 as a local company dedicated to taking care of the needs of its members. Between LifeWise and its affiliates, the group serves nearly 1.5 million members across its network. The company network covers Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Arizona. The network of the company is quite strong, having more than 6,000 physicians, hospitals and other health-care providers. LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon offers a wide range of individual plans including PPO Plans, Traditional Indemnity Plans and Supplemental Benefit Options. LifeWise PPO plans include the Plus Plan, Preferred Plan, Prime Plan, the Value Plan, and the HSA Plan; traditional Indemnity Plans include The Choice and HSA Choice. It aims to provide its members peace of mind when it comes to health care coverage.

LifeWise PPO plans give you access to a big network of health care providers, hospitals and physicians, flexible designs, and coverage based on percentages of expenses after annual deductibles. Its PPO Plus Plan offers you a choice of five deductibles, ranging from $500 up to $7,500. Under this plan, preferred co-payments and percentage of member responsibility includes a $20 co-payment for preventative care, 20 percent of hospital services, hospital emergency, maternity, and $20 co-pay for urgent care. Moreover, the PPO Plus Plan has no balance billing, easy claim filing, no need for referrals and access to coverage when traveling. The company’s PPO Prime Plan offers the same benefits as the PPO Plus Plan, except that the Prime Plan offers three deductible choices ($2,500, $5,000 and $7,500) instead of five. Member responsibility percentages for the PPO Prime Plan are slightly on the higher side at 30 percent.

Traditional Indemnity Plans are the most cost-effective LifeWise Plans that feature a variety of coinsurance, benefits, and deductibles. No referrals are needed and Traditional Indemnity Plans allows members to choose their own providers and a flexible benefit design. With Traditional Indemnity Plans, a separate $500 deductible applies to prescription services.

LifeWise’s HSA-qualified Plans are high-deductible plans that keep premiums low. HSAs are a cost-effective method that provides members with preferred provider and non-preferred provider coverage for major illness. There are more HSA plan benefits like tax savings, retirement savings, reduced insurance premiums and better choices regarding treatment options.

You can find a number of supplemental benefit options for individuals keen on an additional prescription drug plan or for those seeking treatment for alcohol dependency. Although the Prescription Drug Buy-Up Option is not available with HSA Plans, it nonetheless allows the member to purchase prescription drugs without a yearly minimum or deductible. This option may be added to existing member plans for an additional charge. The Alcohol Dependency Treatment Plan is offered in the state of Oregon; it is an optional benefit featuring coverage of up to $4,500 during any 24 consecutive months.

The company’s Medicare supplement coverage includes: Plan A- basic benefits; Plan C- coverage for skilled nursing, deductibles and foreign travel emergencies; Plan F- covers both plans A and C; and Plan I- covers A, C and F plans and adds coverage for recovery at-home.


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