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Health Plan of Nevada

For more than 20 years, Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) has been consistently serving Nevadans with quality health care. It is the state’s oldest, and most experienced health care organization. HPN is also the largest federally qualified health maintenance organization or HMO in Nevada. Since 1982, HPN, a subsidiary of Sierra Health Services, Inc., has been dedicated to providing health care coverage at an affordable price to residents of Nevada. Almost 50% of all health maintenance organization members in Nevada are enrolled with HPN, and the company’s enrollment is now more than 180,000 in southern and northern Nevada. Moreover, Health Plan of Nevada has received an Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to measuring the quality of America's healthcare. This honor is for the Commercial HMO, Commercial POS and Medicare HMO product lines in Nevada effective August 2000.

Health Plan of Nevada offers a variety of health plans for members. Its traditional HMO plans are the most cost-effective for members, giving access to reliable care with affordable co-payments, no claim forms and no deductibles. Plan members are free to choose from a wide selection of qualified physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers whose goal is to keep them healthy. One will find plans such as
HMO A5 Medical Plan, HMO B10 Medical Plan, HMO C15 Medical Plan, HMO D20 Medical Plan and HMO E25 Medical Plan.

Its Point of Service plans give members the freedom to choose from its HMO (plan), PPO (extended plan), or out-of-network (any licensed) providers when he or she needs to access services. These POS plans are POS A-V-250 Medical Plan, POS B-X-500 Medical Plan, POS C-XV-500 Medical Plan, POS D-XV-500 Medical Plan, POS A-V-250-500 Medical Plan, POS C-XV-500-750 Medical Plan, POS D-XX-750-1000 Medical Plan and POS E-XXV-1000-2000 Medical Plan.

Health Plan of Nevada offers a wide range of Premium Advantage Plans to help lower health care premiums. Members may choose from a wide selection of qualified physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers who are all committed to keep them healthy. These Premium Advantage Plans are B Series 500-1000, B Series 1000-2000, B Series 1500-3000, B Series 2000-4000, B Series 2500-5000, C Series 500-1000, C Series 1000-2000, C Series 1500-3000, C Series 2000-4000 and C Series 2500-5000.

Health Plan of Nevada offers individual HMO products for those who are between jobs, newly employed, employed part-time, involved in a small business, or retired and not yet eligible for Medicare. One can choose from Distinct Advantage Plan Option 1, Distinct Advantage Plan Option 2, Distinct Advantage Plan Option 3, Distinct Advantage Plan Option 4, Distinct Advantage Plan HMO RX, and Individual Dental Plan.

Health Plan of Nevada also offers its members an affordable prescription drug benefit program. The program is based on a Preferred Drug List. This list contains FDA-approved generic covered and brand name drugs, which are provided at co-payment levels applicable to your specific prescription drug plan. Members of HPN can have access to a large pharmacy network. They may also get certain maintenance-covered drugs on the Preferred Drug List through the company’s mail order program.




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