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Arizona Health Insurance

Health insurance today generally comes in two categories: individual and group. Those who opt for individual insurance are mostly self-employed, or are employed by a company that has no health plan in its kitty, or if they have a family and want individual insurance for their family members. If you decide to buy an individual plan, you have to pay premium every year and a deductible for each insured dependent, up to a base amount. If you purchase a group policy, you are required to pay an annual premium, co-payments payable at each medical service, and a deductible payable before insurance begins to make payments for your medical bills.

Health insurance providers in Arizona are not required to offer an individual health policy if the applicant has health problems. These companies are also allowed to withhold health insurance coverage on a pre-existing condition by the application of a rider.
For example, pregnancy can be considered a pre-existing condition, but the same cannot be applied in the case of genetic information. In the state of Arizona, individual health plans are not required to give credit for previous coverage on pre-existing conditions. There are, however, no curbs on the price of premiums for individual health insurance. Insurance in Arizona cannot be cancelled if you fall sick or meet with accident.

In Arizona, you can be eligible for group insurance in spite of a health problem. Moreover, your insurance cannot be cancelled from group insurance because of illness. If you happen to lose your group or individual health insurance, their conversion insurance policies will remain open to you for a period of 30 days. In the case of a pre-existing condition and if you are changing into a new group plan, there may be an exclusion period, normally not more than a year. You are entitled to creditable coverage if you have had continuous coverage, with no breaks of more than 63 days.

In Arizona, a small business owner with two to 50 employees cannot be turned down for group insurance due to the health of its employees. This is, however, not applicable for large business houses with a staff strength of 51 or more. In the case of a small group, your premiums can depend on the health of your employees, but your insurance cannot be cancelled due to the health of an employee. There are no restrictions on premium variances for big groups. Self-employed persons or large employers can apply for Healthcare Group of Arizona if they fulfill certain conditions.

As it is quite difficult to choose the right health insurance quotes, it is better if you do some homework before making the final decision. It is always advisable to seek the help of professional health insurance agents and brokers who are experts in this field. They are familiar with the market, understand all the rules and know the industry.

Among the leading health insurance providers in Arizona are Blue Shield of Arizona, Aetna, Celtic Health Insurance, Assurant (formerly Fortis), Health Net, Golden Rule Health Insurance, Humana Health Insurance, American Medical Security, PacifiCare and
Clarendon National.


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