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We strive to send you quality leads so that you can be more effective.
Did your leads stop answering your phone calls?

Most of the lead companies send same lead up to 9 health insurance agents, if they can. This results unhappy customers getting same insurance quotes from multiple agents. They stop answering phone calls even though you may have the best solution for them. Our leads are eager to talk to you because you are the only one representing the product. Our lead does not go to another agent representing your product. We are sure you will be happy with this sustainable win/win customer-agent-friendly solution. However, this comes with a price- we cannot accommodate everyone. Please, reserve your territory before someone else gets it. For questions, please, call 1-800-959-9247.

Below is the enrollment form which must be filled out to become active in our pay per lead program. Upon completion, you will receive leads from your selected territory (if available) immediately. After a visitor from your selected territory completes a quote request, that lead will be sent to your e-mail. You can limit how many leads you want per week. You will be charged at the completion of the week.

For a short period of time, the setup fee of $500 is reduced to $29. MediGap leads are $12 each. Carrier exclusive health leads (including Group & life insurance leads) going to not more than 3 agents are $3 to $19 each depending on the type of the lead. Please, include the price of the lead at the comment field below. We strive to send you quality leads so that you can be more effective.

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Click on the select box for the type of leads that you wish to receive for each of the zip codes that you enter below.

You must choose at least one line of coverage and a minimum of 15 zip codes.

Business (P & C)
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ZIP CODE SELECTION (Required. You must select at least 15, 5-digits zip codes (example: 93102), or a 3-digit zip code (Example: 931).)

Please type the zip codes that you would like to reserve in the boxes below. This page allows you to select your first 30 zip codes. If you would like a larger number of zip codes (for example: a County, Area Code, or State) please make a note in the comment box below. Include the territory that you would like, along with the lines of business.

This will assist you in making your selection.

Enter the zip codes you wish to reserve.

Additional Territory Request: (please add any additional territory requests here. For example, if you would like a larger territory than you listed above, simply list the County, area code, or State that you would like to reserve and we will take care of the rest. You can even give us a radius (in miles) around a zip code and we will insert all zip codes within the number of miles you request.)

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  • You will not be charged for any setup fee.
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  • You will receive an e-mail invoice at the end of each week.
  • We will charge your credit card weekly equal to the balance minus any credit.
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By submitting your information to quickhealthinsurance.com, you agree to the above terms along with the quickhealthinsurance.com TERMS OF SERVICE as outlined HERE

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Before submitting, please, print this page using the print command from the file menu at the top left corner of this page, sign and fax it to (206)-350-4739 as soon as you can. You may not receive leads until we receive the fax. Don't forget to click the following button to start getting leads as early as tomorrow morning.



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