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What is Affordable Health Insurance for Self Employed?

Shopping an affordable health insurance plan in USA is not shopping at Sam's Club or at Costco or Wal-Mart for mostly tangible goods. Health insurance is a complicated multi-million dollar contract of ensuring that professional medical diagnosis, treatment and aftercare is always available to you. For a low monthly price you are assured of rapid diagnosis and where necessary, the best treatment and care - allowing you and your family to get on with your life.

An affordable health insurance company can promise you less, and make it more affordable. A health insurance company can promise you the sky, however, can create a lot of trouble in paying your claims, or can deny it all together using the fine prints in the contracts. The later can also make health insurance more affordable at the expense of surprises down the road. A company can give you a teaser rate to start with, however they can start increasing them within a few months to avoid a loss or to make more profit.

Therefore, affordable health insurance quote has very little meaning without the health insurance contract, past history about rate hikes, the complaint ratios against the companies at the departments of insurance. You can receive several affordable quotes online, however, making a decision online may be a bad idea, because this is not buying your small-business supplies online. For this reason, every state has licensed health insurance professionals who have gone through extensive trainings and testing to become a low cost health insurance agent. Their service is free, and does not increase your premium. They can explain you, and make the health insurance rates more affordable by explaining you all the trade offs. By law, they have to be truthful, and answer all your questions.

The thumb-rule to make any affordable health insurance, is to drop the options like routine check-ups (wellness visits), and things that are highly predictable. Instead of paying the money to the insurance company, you can save that in the bank, and pay those expenses from your pocket, if you need it at all. However, you cannot do the same for a half a million dollar organ transplant. Make sure your health insurance plan covers those events well.

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